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Posted by: Brent Martin in Announcements [A]

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Brent Martin

As you may have noticed, I've launched a new PeopleSoft forum. The topic areas are currently a General Discussion forum and a Job Posting forum.  I hope you'll check it out.

I didn't launch it because I think we need another PeopleSoft Forum.  IT Toolbox Forum and Yahoo PeopleSoft Fans forum seem to have plenty of traffic and generate lots of good questions and answers.   It's just that a blog is a very one-way communication vehicle.  That's not necessarily a bad thing -- I enjoy writing about what I know and avoiding what I don't.  And when users comment, it's always regarding an article I've written so questions are relatively easy to answer.

But I do get a lot of personal e-mail messages asking specific questions, and one of my posts was hijacked and turned into Q&A forum.  So instead of handling these questions in an ad-hoc basis, I decided to address them in a forum so everybody can benefit.

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