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Google Analytics Logo

I’ve been using Google Analytics to track how users use my web site for years now, but it just occurred to me that Google Analytics would be a powerful way to track usage in a PeopleSoft system as well.

Turns out it’s not all that hard to put the Google Analytics code on your Peoplesoft component pages.  Here’s how to do it:

1)      Launch App Designer

2)      Pull up HTML Object PT_HNAV_TEMPLATE

3)      Scroll to the bottom, and just after the closing tag but before the closing Body tag, add the Google Analytics code.

Screen shot of the Google Analytics code

4)      Save.

That’s all there is to it.  Let this run for a day or two, and pretty soon you’ll see URL’s like this in your “Content Overview” section of Google Analytics:


Google Analytics Content Overview Report

Here are a few points to bear in mind:


Oracle Hosted PeopleBooks

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Brent Martin
If you're looking for Oracle's hosted PeopleBooks, you can find them here.  They start with version 9.0 and are full-text searchable.

OOW09 Wednesday

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Brent Martin

I apologize for the snarky post in advance, but I’m in a goofy mood after a long week of conferencing, and this really has been a phenomenal but exhausting conference.  I’m looking forward to Aerosmith tonight and a bit of relaxation.

What we Got in PeopleTools (that I haven’t talked about yet)

  • More debugging features:  Stack window that shows which functions we’ve been in, and tweak the values of anything in the component buffer.
  • Reporting Console consolidates run controls, queries, process monitor and report manager.  I like it already.
  • Connected Queries let you connect 1 or more queries together to preserve the parent/child relationships.  Then feed this to XML publisher for easier reporting than ever.
  • Charting Capabilities – Everyone loves to show off the new Org Chart features, and yep it’s cool and I’ve seen it in so many demos I’m about sick of org charts.  There’s a good chance you can do different kinds of charts in app designer too.
  • Rich Text Editor – Check the box on any long field on a page and suddenly you can change fonts, bold, italicize, color, resize, embed HTML and even pictures.  You can control which features you turn on to foil the hacker element that may be lurking in your enterprise.  Think how happy your recruiters will be now that they can make their job postings pretty!

 What We Want in PeopleTools (that we talked about this afternoon)

OOW09 Monday

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Brent Martin

Today had a decidedly more PeopleSoft theme.  It was quite different from last year when everything was still slideware – the demos today were of functionality that is now available or will be shortly.  Paco Aubre jaun, VP and General Manager of PeopleSoft gave a fast paced walk through of the PeopleSoft 9.1 value proposition and managed to squeeze in an HRMS and Financials demo while he was at it.  And John Webb, VP of PeopleSoft Product Management’s session went a little deeper in the new features and why PeopleSoft 9.1 is a superior product.  I also attended the PS Enterprise Platform update and got some insight into which platforms are supported and why.  It was good to be hearing about new features of a newly released PeopleSoft application again.

PeopleSoft 9.1 looks really good.  It’s obvious a LOT of work went into the products and multiple groups must have made big contributions, including the User Experience team I heard from yesterday.  In fact, user experience was the theme of this release as Oracle took the time to address their customer’s business challenges.  Oracle worked with 150 customers throughout the process – from requirements gathering through testing.  Let’s face it – every release we hear that processes are streamlined, but this time I think they mean it.  For example, to add an item in inventory takes like a zillion pages in 9.0, in 9.1 it’s down to 2 screens and you don’t even have to license Business Analytics to pull it off.

Nobody Knows the Problems I've Seen

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Brent Martin

Don’t you just love production support?  There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, finishing your coffee, and not having a flippin’ clue what’s about to happen.

It’s been another one of those days, so I thought I’d share some of the problems I’ve looked at and their solutions.

Issue#1: Nvision Drilldown throws error "Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap"

Solution #1: This turned out to be related to some patches that were applied to our PSNT server over the weekend.  Our NT admin identified a hotfix and is in the process of applying it.

So Much to Blog About, So Little Time!

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Brent Martin

Well, another project is getting ready to go live.  This one has kept me consistently busy as evidenced by my lack of postings since the end of last summer.  But it’s been good and I’ve learned a lot, and much of what I learned is eventually going to make it to the blog.  For example, I figured out a fundamental concept of Jakarta JMeter and now I can make it work predictably as a performance testing tool (and all around scripting tool for that matter).  The performance testing gurus out there will wonder how I got anything to work without it.

The 3rd party batch scheduling integration concept I blogged about last November is getting ready to go live.  So far all systems are go, I’ll post a follow up and let you know what worked and what didn’t.

Another thing I want to write about is how to replace PeopleSoft’s PostRpt daemon with a custom one to get away from the XML files and read the parameters from the database.  There are some advantages to doing it this way that I’d like to share.   Besides, there might be some folks interested in just how to use the API to get external content into Report Manager.

Troy Troubles

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Brent Martin

Picture if you will:  PeopleSoft Financials 7.0.  A company is acquired.  Suddenly, the acquired company needs to print a different signature on the AP checks.  But PeopleSoft is like so unsupported.  The check printer is so old that it won’t print unless you open and slam the paper tray, and there’s no way it can support a new signature DIMM card.  An effort was made to upgrade to a new check printer months earlier, but the developer (Bob) spent weeks trying to make the Crystal Report printing the signature and the MICR line with little to show for it before leaving the company.  But at that time it wasn’t a big priority and no one picked it up when he left.  Now there’s little time to make it work before the bank starts denying checks.

So I find myself sitting in front of a Windows NT 4.0 workstation with Crystal Reports 6.0 installed on it and a Troy 1320 Micr printer plugged in to the LPT1: port.  It’s going to be a long week.

Enterprise CRM 9.0 is Available

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Oracle announced today that PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.0 is generally available. According to the press release:

September 18, 2006—Furthering Oracle’s ongoing commitment to enhance PeopleSoft applications as part of the “Applications Unlimited” program, Oracle announces the availability of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 9. Highlights of this release include increased use of Oracle Fusion Middleware and new enhancements designed specifically for the financial services and communications industries and usability enhancements designed to increase productivity.

PeopleSoft Documentation is available in PDF format for all

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I ran across this on Yahoo's peoplesoft-fans group today. Apparently Oracle is making PeopleSoft documentation available from their web site. This includes the elusive PeopleTools Installation Guide. Check it out:


Printing to a Troy Check Printer

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One of my clients upgraded from a Troy 4300 to a Troy 4350 model. The old one was starting to have problems, the bank was complaining, and overall it was a necessary investment. The problem was that the escape sequences necessary for printing the MICR fonts and accessing the Signature card were slightly different. But no one realized that until the printer was here.

When it arrived it was installed and a test check run was sent to it. It didn't exactly get the expected result. The MICR font wasn't MICR, and the complete signature didn't print. After tweaking the control codes and asking the user to "try again" and "tell me what it looks like" over the phone for the upteenth time, it was time to do something different.

The only way I've ever been able to get a check printing program working with a check printer is to either sit the developer next to the printer, or move the printer next to the developer. This time we were able to move the printer next to the developer, which allowed the developer to see first-hand what the problems were and to try multiple iterations of code quickly.

Here were some things I was reminded of as I worked with the developer to resolve the problem:

  • When running to a Troy printer from an SQR, be sure to select HP as the Format on the Process Scheduler Request screen. Printing to PS (postscript) will make the printer ignore all of your control codes and printing with a TXT format will ignore all formatting altogether.

  • PAY003.SQR really only has a few places (two I think) where changes need to be made. Don't look for problems where they don't exist.

  • If you need a sanity check, write a stand-alone SQR or Crystal that does nothing but print the MICR font and the Signature just to make sure you know how it's done.

  • The bank can provide a MICR ruler to make sure the characters line up.

  • Be sure your testing involves sending a batch of voided checks to the bank for their approval

  • Give the "check printing program modifications" tasks a generous number of hours when doing a project plan.

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