Amazon Web Services is Ready for the Enterprise

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Brent Martin

Amazon has been steadily moving toward making their web service offering ready for the enterprise. Over the last year or so they've received certification for Oracle database, they've broken down the barriers that would prevent PCI certification, and they've improved their pricing structure to make it more corporation-friendly.

Today they may have finally broken the final barriers down to large scale enterprise adoption with the following announcements:

Virtual Private Cloud is now out of Beta and allows you to "provision a private section of the AWS cloud where you can create avirtual network that you control, including selection of an IP address range, creation of subnets, and configuration or route tables and network gateways. you can connect your Amazon VPC directly to the Internet while also extending your corporate data center to the cloud using encrypted VPN connections."

But the announcement of Amazon Direct Connect might be my favorite. "Amazon Direct Connect is a new service that enables you to bypass the internet and deliver data to and from AWS via private network connection. With a private connection, you can reduce networking latency and costs, and provide a more consistent network experience while moving data between AWS and your datacenters. With pay-as-you-go pricing and no minimum commitment, you pay only for the network ports used and the data transferred out from AWS over the private connection."

There's also new functionality for AWS Identity and Access Management that lets you use your existing corporate identity management system to grant secure and direct access to AWS resources without creating a new AWS identity for those users.

I'm excited about the possibilities this opens up in terms of on demand computing capacity in the enterprise.

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