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This may be old news to most of you, but it came as a very pleasant surprise to me. You can download the current version of any PeopleSoft Enterprise and Enterprise One product for free for 30 days from Oracle’s web site.

You just have to agree to the license terms, the export restrictions, and be willing to spend quality time downloading and unzipping the files.

If you’re current on support, you can download and install the products without having to wait for Customer Care to send you CD’s. In fact, this service replaces eDelivery service that PeopleSoft customers used to pay a premium for.

Here are the links you’ll need: - eDelivery site where you can download the current versions - Get a license code to unlock the full application

If you use eDelivery to download and install new programs, you'll need to update your installation options table and uncheck the applications that you haven't licensed. Here's the quote from the PeopleTools 8.47 Installation and Upgrade Guide:

If you obtain your software using E-Delivery, you must carry out an additional step after completing the installation process, creating the database, installing the Application Server, and installing the Pure Internet Architecture. Sign into the PeopleSoft system and navigate to the Installation table on the Products tab. The location of this table will vary depending upon the application you installed. In the Installation table, uncheck the products for which you have not purchased support.

Note. PeopleSoft does not support CDs that you burn at your own site from E-Delivery files.

30 days isn’t very long to install and evaluate a software application as complicated as PeopleSoft, so if you’d like some assistance getting it up and running as quickly as possible, give me a call. I can also walk you through some of the major business processes in each application, or put you in touch with an application specialist who can take you through a more in-depth tour.

Feel free to give me a call at 918-409-4529, or send an e-mail to
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Comment from Kumar
written by Kumar, March 14, 2006
Very nice seeing your site,

good info,

Might be I might require some Technical helps in future and when it requires I will get in touch with you,


Comment from Amit Jaiswal
written by Amit Jaiswal, March 28, 2006
Very nice seeing your site,

good info.

After installing the instance of PeopleSoft is there any way to know the licence number. I mean is it stored anywhere. I have to find out the same for my instance.


Brent Martin
written by Brent Martin, March 28, 2006
The application license code is stored on the PSOPTIONS table, LICENSE_CODE field.

I'm not sure if PeopleSoft stores the PeopleTools license code.
PIA installer
written by Josh, March 08, 2008

Where can i get an installer for the application server and the PIA?
Brent Martin
RE: PIA Installer
written by Brent Martin, March 09, 2008
Not sure what you're asking. You can download the CD's from Run setup.exe to extract to a file server or the appropriate script to install on UNIX. That gets the psadmin program extracted so you can configure the app servers. It will also create a setup directory, and under that will be a mpinternet directory which contains the setup program to install PIA.

Hope that helps.
written by Kurra, April 05, 2008
great find brent. very useful. thanks a lot. I was installing peoplebooks and came to a standstill as I did not have the serial until you came to the rescue.

Best wishes,
RE: PIA Installer : Brent Martin
written by Sitansu Dey, September 24, 2008
What's the location of psadmin program
written by Gentian, February 13, 2009
Hi everybody.

I need an advice!! I am willing to start learning Peoplesoft But I don't know on what to start first. Can anybody help me decide on what to start to learn Peoplesoft, and is there any downloadable software so I can practice home?
Thank you very much.
written by Ashton, May 06, 2009
Wow great site,
It seem the link to the eDelivery is down, is there any other ways of downloading the software?
Good Show!
Brent Martin
RE: Site Down
written by Brent Martin, May 06, 2009 is working for me this morning. I don't know of another way (legit or otherwise) to download the software.
Need to download PeopleSoft Application.
written by VijayKumar Nadeshan, March 25, 2011
Dear All,

Can anybody provide me a free peoplesoft appliction link for download ?

Vijay Nadeshan

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