If you support PeopleSoft, you probably rely on the CTRL-J combination to show information about your page, component, database, etc. If you also use the Firefox browser, you know that it uses CTRL-J as the shortcut to open the download manager.

To work around the issue, I hold down the CTRL key and hit J twice rapidly. This "double ctrl-j" closes the download manager and passes CTRL-J to the server, so that PeopleSoft can respond with the connection information that you'd expect.
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Comment from Derek
written by Derek, May 15, 2006
Thanks! At work I use FireFox for everything except logging into PeopleSoft because of the CNTRL-J issue. Now I don't have to annoyingly switch to IE anymore.

Thanks again,

Comment from David Vandiver
written by David Vandiver, May 15, 2006
I found this "Double CTRL-J" by accident as well; thanks for the tip. I would use FireFox for PeopleSoft, even if CTRL-J didn't work for PeopleSoft.

IMHO, the only reason to use IE on PeopleSoft would be if as a developer, the user experiences a problem that only affects IE. For those instances, I open up IE and test the issue.

What version of FireFox are others running for PeopleSoft? I tried FireFox 1.5, but the window panes/frames kept messing up. I went back to 1.0.7, and the windows work great. I'd like to be current on FireFox, but I want PeopleSoft in FireFox. (I'm using PeopleTools 8.45.18, which could be the problem.)
Comment from Duncan Davies
written by Duncan Davies, May 15, 2006
Nice tip. I've been using Firefox and PeopleSoft for a while (I've been current on FireFox and never had an issue with Tools 8.46 and onwards).

I didn't know about the 'double CTRL+J' so have been going through 'view frame source' and looking at the top few lines. This new way is definitely quicker than doing this ...

kind regards

Comment from psguyblogger
written by psguyblogger, May 16, 2006
Good one. Many a times I was frustrated with having to open IE for PeopleSoft.

Comment from Allen Fields
written by Allen Fields, May 30, 2006
Has anyone updated to PeopleSoft 8.9? I'm experiencing an issue where if I use tabs and have more than one 8.9 session open. For example, if I have one tab opened to our development application and then I open another tab to our production application, and then go back to the development application, the development application will be signed out. I don't have the same situation if I open up two separate IE windows. I can continue using both sessions with the two separate IE windows. I've looked but haven't been able to find any settings in FireFox that may apply.
Comment from Chris Heller
written by Chris Heller, June 06, 2006
You can also just press Ctrl-Shift-J. The PeopleTools key handler code does not test for the shift key, but the Firefox code does.
Comment from Dan Iverson
written by Dan Iverson, October 05, 2006
In Firefox 1.5 and earlier, sessions are not separated between multiple tabs like they are when you use multiple windows. The session cookies for each PeopleSoft environment are overwritten when you use multiple tabs, but now when using multiple windows.

The Firefox 2.0 beta does a much better job. You can use tabs to work in different environments, or multiple windows in the same environment and the session cookies will not be overwritten.
Comment from quietseb
written by quietseb, October 11, 2006
or you can use the keyconfig extension for firefox and disable the shortcut for the download window

thanks Dan for the tip on FF2
Comment from Wyatt
written by Wyatt, October 30, 2006
I use a FireFox extension called IETab. This allows you to change the browser engine in a FF tab from the FF engine to the IE engine. Some pages only render correctly with IE and this extension allows you to view those pages in IE without having a separate browser open.
Comment from Joe
written by Joe, October 31, 2006
This works in IE 7 as well, not that any one uses that browser.
Ctrl - J
written by ganesh, November 30, 2007
I want know how does this ctrl - J works . I mean to say how does this page appear.
This will be a one of peoplesoft page. How peoplesoft invoke this and once Continue is click all the entered data is retained. ?
written by Matt, February 06, 2008
very helpful thank you!
Shift-Ctrl J
written by Don Abrams, February 14, 2008
This works well in Firefox and IE. Best thing we found out in our peoplesoft training smilies/smiley.gif
Payroll Analyst / IT : Joanne
written by joanne19, April 08, 2008
Payroll Analyst / IT : Joanne
I have two issues, I wondered if anyone else has had these happen.

First. Sometimes I have one window open inside another. In this situaion when we are working on a session and we try to open a new window in order to find out information, the new window opens inside the initial window causing us to lose our work.

Second. When sessions have been submitted the occasional employee gets input twice (by the system ) it also allows this. So if I enter 12 hours for one employee, it will read 24 hours in payable time.

Any suggestions?
written by Nikki, May 23, 2008
I second a few others here - Shift-Ctrl_J works well.
written by Abhijeet Gandhi, January 17, 2009
Hey Thanks. I use FireFox extesively and was a little disappointed that I was forced to use IE just so that I could use the CTRL J functionality. Now I am free of IE at last!

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