We offer services typically reserved for Tier 1 partners at a fraction of the Tier 1 price. Perhaps you need to modernize your legacy systems but don’t know where to start. We can take you through a Strategy and Vision exercise to create a project Roadmap that will fit your strategy, priorities and budget.

Then, we can help you scope and plan the near-term project(s) and select the right partner to accompany you on your journey.  While your partner will be responsible for delivery, you’ll still have a lot of work to do on your side — things like managing your partner, tracking the project budget, providing subject matter expertise, reviewing deliverables, coordinating integrations with internal systems and external vendors, decommissioning old systems, etc.  We can help by providing seasoned experts to either backfill or augment your existing team.

Quality assurance is another of our core competencies so we will plan and execute regression, system, integration and performance testing to make sure the quality of your solution is the first priority.




Ever-increasing competition and regulatory changes present great challenges to your organization. We look at challenges as opportunities, and it’s important to be ready for them. ERP Associates can help you be ready. We align your technology with your business strategies and complete projects that will transform and modernize your business so that you can grow your business to the next level.

While the challenges facing IT have never been greater, we have more tools in our toolbox than ever. Cloud-based delivery models have matured, micro-services have come of age, and on-premise models are moving to niche solutions. ERP Associates uses those tools to enhance your PMO and Architecture capabilities.

We have helped well-known multinational corporations implement complex back-office systems transformation projects. Find out what we can do for your organization today!