Our US-based consultants are seasoned professionals and domain experts in their field. We bring diverse industry and technology knowledge to our clients. The key partners of ERP Associates are:


Brent Martin 

Partner / Enterprise Architect

With 28+ years in the IT industry and over 20 ERP implementations, Brent holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma and is a certified Enterprise Architect. His background is diverse, ranging from development to systems/database/application administration to application/solution/enterprise architecture.





Mark Allen

Partner / Project Manager

With over 35+ years in the Program and Project Management space, Mark was a former partner at CSC. Before joining ERPA, he led the Global Oracle ERP Practice at CSC. Mark excels at mobilizing, planning and monitoring large-scale ERP programs. He brings varied skills such as contract negotiations, ERP strategy, vendor management, resource planning, and a toolbox full of accelerators, playbooks, and processes for rapid delivery.



Sanjay Shah


With over 18+ years in the IT & Business Consulting industry, Sanjay comes to ERPA with Big 4 experience. He has worked with over 22 clients, implementing complex systems in both the public and private sectors. He has an MS in Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and is a certified ITIL and Scrum Master. Sanjay brings a deep knowledge in the field of Quality Assurance Management.